We will set dates for the Robotics kick off sometime in November 2010. The structure will change a little bit, and we will let you know the new structure as soon as possible.  Please see some of the Robotics Teams below;

2001 Robofest Teams

2002 Robofest Teams2002 Lego Zoo – Ida Bluestreaks

2003 Robofest Teams2003 SpongeBob SquarePants Food-A-Maker by Ida Middle School

2004 Robofest Teams

2005 Robofest Teams

2006 Robofest Teams

2007 Robofest Teams

2008 Robofest Teams

GoBot Girls 2008 Robofest Team Presentation2008 GoBot Girls Team

2009 Robofest Teams2009 World Championship Teams Lego Bott Wheels! and Cobra